Bachelor of Business: Analysing Case Studies

What are Business Case Studies

The Case method, connecting theory to practice is used in a learning environment to enable students to problem solve a real life situation, coming up with possible solutions to a variety of issues. It uses the active learning approach where students work collaboratively, discussing the topic in class after critically reading the case study. Students must use their theoretical knowledge and analysis skills and experience to resolve the situation and find a path forward. They must justify and review each of their decisions and be responsible for the evaluation of why they offer the best resolution.

Analysing Case Studies

Follow the method when analysing a case study:

  • Read the case study through to get an overall understanding.
  • Read the case study a second time actively identifying the main people, the facts of the case, the organisations involved, and the data.
  • What are the main issues? Be careful to distinguish between the original problems and the symptoms. For example Australia’s export sales have dropped by 22.5% in the past 5 years due to barriers experienced by SMEs’ to develop the overseas market.*

  • Write down these ideas in preparation for your class discussion. It may be helpful to ask the who, why, where, how questions.
  • During class, it is important to question ideas and critically evaluate alternatives with other students.
  • What are some alternatives in terms of a possible course of action? Your readings, class discussions, lecture notes and theory from your unit will assist.
  • What are the pros and cons of each course of action? Evaluation is key.
  • You MUST make a recommendation and justify the choice made.
  • Include References 

Resources for students via Emerald Case Studies

The Emerald Cases Hub  has an online module 'Learning with case studies' specifically designed to teach students how to learn with the case study method. This shows you how to actively read and evaluate case studies. The content includes videos, questions and key points on:

  • How to prepare for a case study lesson,
  • How to establish facts from a case,
  • Establishing courses of action, and 
  • Evaluating each course of action.

To access the online module, register in the Emerald Cases Hub using your VU email
Once you have registered, click on 'Library' and choose the module 'Learning with case studies'.


Resources for staff for teaching Business Case Studies

The Emerald Cases Hub have a series of online courses designed to assist teaching staff. The courses help you use case studies to connect theoretical models with real-world business and management challenges.
 'Teaching a case study' includes

  • Preparing to teach a case
  • Facilitating in the class room
  • Teaching cases online

To access online courses, register in the Emerald Cases Hub
Use your VU email credentials when registering. 

To access teaching notes contact

SAGE Business Cases: Information for Instructors

  • Using cases in the class room.
  • Teaching notes - The majority of cases in Sage Business Cases provide teaching notes. Content includes suggested teaching strategies, discussion questions that can assist in facilitating classroom discussion, analysis of discussion questions, links, and further reading. To access teaching notes contact

Case Study databases

Here are 2 case study databases and Business Source Complete, an aggregator database which has searchable case studies.


For Teaching Notes or assistance with Case Studies: