Economic and Financial Data: Databases


The following databases can be located in the VU Library Databases A-Z 

  • Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Business Market Research Collection
  • Business Source Complete
  • CEDA (Committee for Economic Development of Australia)
  • EMIS University: The World
  • Euromonitor Passport
  • Eurostat (European Commission)
  • Global Economic Monitor
  • International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  • OECD iLibrary 2005-2018
  • Orbis -  Bureau van Dijk
  • Refinitive Eikon with Datastream
  • United Nations Data (UN)
  • World Bank
  • World Bank Open Data
  • World Development Indicators
  • World Trade Organisation (WTO) 

There are also many web-based resources available on the internet

Some key Economic and Financial Databases

Refinitiv Eikon with Datastream Growth and development data are economic indicators related to aggregate measures of output produced by a country. These include gross domestic product (GDP) and gross national product (GNP), either measured at level, growth, or per capital figures. This database is available at the City Tower Library, level 2.

Orbis - Bureau van Dijk contains detailed information on both listed and unlisted companies. Listed companies are in a more detailed format. Orbis - Bureau van Dijk has information on 130 million private companies including time series data, financials in a standardised format, financial strength indicators, Ratings, Options to create your own ratios and bring in your own data fields, Directors and contacts, Original filings/images, Stock data, Private equity data and portfolios, Patents, Detailed corporate and ownership structures, Industry research, Business and company-related news.

Business Source Complete will provide you with company information, company profiles, industry reports, financial data, country reports, market research reports, investment research reports and SWOT analysis.

Business Market Research Collection This database contains company, industry, economic and geopolitical market research from three sources, including Hoover's Company Profiles, OxResearch from Oxford Analystica, and Snapshots.

EMIS University: The World provides analysis, data and news on companies, industries and countries in the world’s 125+ emerging markets. It offers a collation of time-sensitive, hard-to-get, relevant news, research and data, peer comparisons and analytical tools. All content is licensed from the cream of the world's macroeconomic experts, the most renowned industry research firms, and the most authoritative news providers. This is combined with EMIS’s own company and M&A research to offer a multi-faceted view of each emerging market. 

The type of industry information EMIS University: The World provides is:

Industry Reooirts and News

  • Industry Reports - Find reports on big sectors or niche industries from multiple local and global sources
  • Industry News - Read industry news from multiple local and global sources
  • Industry Statistics - View and compare data in a table and on a chart
  • Compare Industry Trends - View and compare industry trends for dozens of indicators
  • Find M&A deals - Find deals that are happening in industries of your interest
  • Companies in industry - View and export list of companies for your selected industries
  • Industry benchmark indicators - Analyse industry aggregated data for key financial indicators
  • CEIC India Industry Database - Analyse over 200,000 industry time series data, covering 17 key industry sectors in India
  • Industry analytical tools - Choose from a variety of tools to analyse an industry of your choice
  • Industry Sources - Browse a variety of sources for your selected industry
  • Create a custom industry - Build your own industry to benchmark companies against