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The objective of this LibGuide is to provide information on where to find and how to access economic and financial data, either through web-based resources or online databases subscribed by the Victoria University. The main online databases available are Datastream Professional, Eikon, Mint Global - Bureau van Dijk, and Orbis - Bureau van Dijk

There are also two other LibGuides that have a similar objective, i.e. Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Business - Statistics and Reports, and a general information regarding business, commerce and economic library databases.

The LibGuide Statistics and Mathematical Softwares also contains some pages on data sources. However, this LibGuide will be different in the way that it uses a data type-based approach rather than a source-based approach. It means that this LibGuide will guide users to locate the sources of data they need.


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Learning Hub assistance for Business students

Victoria School of Business Librarians Lou and John can help you find information using databases and other resources. They are available at:

  • Footscray Park campus Wednesdays in the Library Hub 12-1
  • City Flinders campus (Level 9), Tuesdays  from 12pm to 2pm

VU Research Ambassadors (RA)

They provide peer to peer support for VU research students and staff in accessing the databases. If you are interested, RA is also able to organise a miniworkshop on how to utilise the databases.

For more information and contact details see below:

Skype: look for contact name vuseekra

If you are interested at finding other data not covered in this LibGuide please contact us. 

Should you need further assistance, you may contact us to create a mini workshop economic and financial databases, in particular about  Datastream Professional and Orbis


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Datastream - Highlights

Datastream Professional provides extensive coverage of economic and global financial data such as economic time series, macro forecast, equities, equities indices, I/B/E/S estimate, fundamentals (as reported and standardized), fixed income securities, bonds and bond indices, credit default swaps, exchange rates, commodities and energy, futures, options, funds and trusts. 

General information about how to access Datastream Professional can be found here 

Datastream Professional can be accessed either through web-based or two add-ins in MS Excel i.e. Datastream for Office (DFO) and Thomson Reuters Spreadsheet Link (TRSL). If one desires to download data in a MS Excel format, DFO or TRSL would be a good choice.

What is the difference between DFO and TRSL? DFO is designed to capture datastream time series content including Worldscope fundamentals data, while TRSL will technically be useful if one would like to download general financial statement data including Reuters fundamentals. DFO cannot be used for Reuters fundamentals.  

Web-based Datastream

Datastream for Office (DFO) 

To access DFO, click Thomson Reuters Datastream tab.

Thomson Reuters Spreadsheet Link (TRSL)

To access TRSL, click Thomson Reuters tab.


In Datastream, one needs to know the mnemonic or ticker for a variable/indicator/company s/he is looking for.  Navigator may be the most useful place to do this by typing any key word about data one is looking for in Search icon. 


To get online support, we can utilise the Datastream extranet.  Register here

For general training opportunities, click here. For a special training about TRSL, click here



Orbis Bureau van Dijk- Highlights

Orbis Bureau van Dijk provides comprehensive data and information on companies around the world either private, listed and listed companies. Mint Global and Orbis are products of Bureau van Dijk. They are essentially similar; however, Mint Global is claimed to have enhanced end-user interface designed for end user and desktop access. 

General information about Orbis Bureau van Dijk can be found here and click here to get general information about Mint Global.