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The objective of this LibGuide is to provide information on where to find and how to access economic and financial data, either through web-based resources or online databases subscribed by the Victoria University. The main Financial databases available are Datastream with Eikon, and Orbis (Bureau van Dijk).

Other LibGuides include. Bachelor of Business, Master of Business, and Bachelor of Business- Statistics and Reports.

The LibGuide Statistics and Mathematical Software also contains information on data sources. This LibGuide uses a data type-based approach rather than a source-based approach. It will guide users to locate the sources of data they need.


Ms Lou Connell
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Assistance for Business students

Victoria University Business School Librarians Lou and John can help you find information using databases and other resources.  

VU Research Ambassadors (RA)

They provide peer to peer support for VU research students and staff in accessing the databases. If you are interested, RA is also able to organise a miniworkshop on how to utilise the databases.

For more information and contact details see below:

Skype: look for contact name vuseekra

If you are interested at finding other data not covered in this LibGuide please contact us. 

Should you need further assistance, you may contact us to create a mini workshop economic and financial databases, in particular about  Datastream Professional and Orbis


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Eikon with Datastream

Growth and development data are economic indicators related to aggregate measures of output produced by a country. These include gross domestic product (GDP) and gross national product (GNP), either measured at level, growth, or per capital figures.


Eikon with Datastream 

Other VU Library databases that may provide you with the information you require. For example:

Orbis (Bureau van Dijkwill provide you with detailed time series company information.

Business Source Complete will provide you with company information, company profiles, industry reports, financial data, country reports, market research reports, investment research reports and SWOT analysis.

Business Market Research Collection This database contains company, industry, economic and geopolitical market research from three sources, including Hoover's Company Profiles, OxResearch from Oxford Analystica, and Snapshots.



Orbis Bureau van Dijk

Orbis (Bureau van Dijk) provides comprehensive data and information on companies around the world for listed and unlisted companies. General information about Orbis Bureau van Dijk can be found here