EndNote: Output styles

Using EndNote to manage your references and format your bibliography

Output Styles

Output styles are the files that are used to control the appearance of references in a bibliography.

With EndNote over 6000 style files are available in the EndNote Output Style Manager. The 6000 files does NOT include the Harvard style we use at Victoria University - this must be downloaded from the link provided

APA 5th or 6th are author-date styles that are very well configured for most reference types and are already in your EndNote program. It is recommended you work with one of these until you have arranged to have your preferred style accessible within EndNote.

For more output styles, visit the Clarivate EndNote site to download individual styles, or you can choose to Download all styles (over 6000 bibliographic styles).

These styles can be used with either the Windows or Mac versions of EndNote.

Customised Literature Review VU Harvard and APA 6TH Style

These two styles have been customised to help PhD students with Ron Adam’s 5-item literature review template. They are based on the VU Harvard style. Instructions have been included to guide anyone who wants to use these styles. It's possible to modify them for your own specific purpose.

APA 7th Edition

The American Psychological Association has updated their Publication Manual to the 7th edition. EndNote has created a new APA 7th style which is available to download from their website. 

Follow this link to download the Style: https://endnote.com/style_download/apa-7th-american-psychological-association-7th-edition/

Once downloaded, double-click on the file to open the style in EndNote and then select File -- Save As to save it into EndNote.  Change the name from 'APA 7th Copy' to 'APA 7th' before saving.

Note: Depending on where you are with your research/thesis you may opt to stick with APA 6th rather than changing - check with your supervisor.

Harvard (Australian) Style

Please note that from 2023, VU Library is phasing out the support for Harvard (author-date) referencing style.

For current research students, VU Library will support the use of Harvard until they complete their studies. This includes making the VU Harvard (Harvard Aust 2010) referencing style available.

For students who started or will start their research in 2023, VU Library is encouraging the use of APA 7th style. For other alternative author-prominent referencing styles please contact the Library or chat to your research supervisor.

If you use the Harvard referencing style, please note the Harvard (Multidisciplinary) style that comes with Endnote is not consistent with the style we use in Australia (which is based on the 6th ed. of the AGPS Style Manual). There is a better Harvard style from the University of Queensland which can be downloaded from the VU Library EndNote guide.

Please see the instructions below for adding an output style (such as Harvard Aus) to EndNote.

Installing Individual Output Styles

1. Download the style you want to install. Note where the file is saved on your computer.

2. Locate file where it is saved. Double-click the style file. it should open in EndNote.

3. In EndNote, go to 'File Menu' and choose 'Save As'. Replace the word 'copy' with your style's name and click 'Save'.

4. Click on 'File Menu' and choose 'Close Style'.

In case it doesn't work, please go to Saving EndNote styles to your computer, located below. 


Saving EndNote styles to your computer

Additional styles need to be saved outside of your Program files in a folder called Style Folder. If this folder doesn’t exist you will have to create one. To check if the folder exists go to Edit>Preferences>Folder Locations. 

If it exists the pathway will look like this C:\Users\UserName\My Documents\EndNote\Styles. The user name is your ID number.


Once you have established the existence of a Style folder or you have created one, then follow the steps below:

1. Download the style you want to install.

2. Double-click the style file. it should open in EndNote.

3. In EndNote, go to 'File Menu' and choose 'Save As'. Replace the word 'copy' with your style's name and click 'Save'.

4. Click on 'File Menu' and choose 'Close Style'.

Australian Guide to Legal Citation

The Australian Guide to Legal Citation  (AGLC) is recommended by Victoria University School of Law  for preparing student assignments and research papers. For more information about AGLC footnoting style check VU Law Library Libguide.

Oxford Style

Oxford is a citation style that uses footnotes at the bottom of the page, unlike in-text citation styles such as Harvard and APA. This guide is a brief description of the Oxford citation style described in Style Manual for authors, editors and printers, 6th ed., Canberra, ACT., AGPS, 2002.

The are some additional instructions for specific formats that are embedded within the style. To refer to these instructions simply Open Style Manager, select Oxford_VU_footnote&bib and consult the 'Comments' section.