Streaming videos and image sources: ClickView

Database Details

ClickView has collections of programs on technology, business and services, health and public sector, arts and recreation, and natural resources, plus a large range of educational TV programs.

Interactive layers can be added to any video within ClickView. To learn more about it check here.


Content areas Multi-disciplinary
Software requirements Videos can be viewed online through your web browser
Mobile device compatibility Android and iOS
Transcripts Yes
Linking Yes
Embedding Yes
Clips and playlists Yes
Playlists Yes
Captions For some videos

Linking ClickView Videos

  • Access the video through the ClickView Database
  • Click on the video title
  • When the page has opened, click on the ‘Share’ tab
  • Copy the entire URL in the box under 'Link to this video' and paste it into VU Collaborate 

Embedding ClickView videos into VU Collaborate

  • Access the video through the Clickview database
  • Click on the video title
  • When the page has opened, click on the ‘Share’ tab
  • Click on 'Embed'
  • Copy the entire embed code in the box under 'Embed this video' and paste it into VU Collaborate 

Sign In

Users may be requested to Sign in to watch the video - if a link is shared. 

Please note, cookie sessions for Clickview (provided the patron does not block cookies) can last up to two months. Meaning, if the patron closes their browser, they are still remembered as being logged in for that period. Therefore, if the patron, goes into Clickview regularly, they should remain logged in quite some time. As long as the patron is remembered, then there will not be a need to Sign in.

Click on Sign in

The image shows the Sign in page.


Choose Victoria University

The image shows to choose Victoria University.

Log in using your student or staff credentials.

The image shows the VU's sign in page.