Streaming videos and image sources: Essential information

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The use of digital images and videos need to comply with database licence conditions and copyright law whether the sources are VU subscribed databases or freely available online.

As an educational institution, we have a Statutory Licence which allows teaching staff members to copy and communicate a limited amount of material for certain educational purposes. However this does not mean that anything and everything can be copied or put online for educational purposes.

The VU Library also purchases databases for the use of staff and students.  These databases are provided with certain terms and conditions of use which usually means access to the content is provided via a Permalink. 

Embedding or Linking

The streaming video content can be integrated into learning management systems through either linking or embedding.

Referencing Guides

At times teaching staff may need to provide a formal reference for streaming video and image material. Refer to the relevant sections of the referencing guides.




Video Databases

From VU Library homepage choose the A-Z Databases tab.

This will take you to the Databases homepage.


Click on the drop down menu for All Database Types, Select Streaming Video 


Read through the information relating to each of the potential databases and choose a database to conduct your search.

For step-by-step details on finding videos through Library Search or through a Database see Step One: Find a streaming video in our guide

Using Library Search

Go to VU Library homepage and enter your keywords or video title into the Library Search box.


From the results page select 'Show more' under Source Types


Select Videos and Update


The results page now only includes videos from which a selection can be made.