Streaming videos and image sources: Safetyhub (Safetycare Australia)

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Safetyhub (alternative name: Safetycare Videos) is an online safety training solution featuring safety training videos and LMS tools designed to deliver world-class training. Produced by Safetycare Australia, Safetyhub videos help Australian workplaces deliver improved workplace Occupational Health and Safety training. Safetyhub's workplace safety videos are streamed from the ‘cloud’ and can be played on any device; Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, or Android, both on and off campus. It is possible to train a group of people by presenting on a large projector, or on a smartphone. All videos are closed-captioned. Click on CC to view captions.

Content areas Occupational Health and Safety                                                                          
Software requirements


Mobile device compatibility Android and iOS
Transcripts No
Linking Yes
Embedding Yes. Embedding in VU Collaborate is possible.
Clips Yes
Playlists No
Captions Yes

Embedding videos

  • Select 'Embed'

  • Select the 'Embed code' option

  • Copy and paste the embed code.

Linking videos

Find the video you would like to use on the Safetycare video platform safetyhub

  • Select the 'More info' option associated with the video

  • Select 'Embed'

  • Select the 'Video URL' option

  • This link is already authenticated (note the 'vicuni' in the URL) and ready to be used in VU Collaborate.

Facilitators Resources

Select the Facilitator's guide that you would like to provide alongside the video.

Each guide contains:

  • An Introduction to the video program;
  • A Transcript of the video program;
  • An Assessment; and,
  • Answers

All PDFs require a password to access.

Contact the Library at Ask the Library to request the password.