Victoria University Archives: Historical artefacts

As well as holding the records of the various institutions which made up Victoria University, the archives also holds a collection of historical artefacts and memorabilia.

This page presents some of the artefacts held in the VU Archives.


The archives has a wide range of clothing from a number of different institutions. This includes:

  • Academic gowns used in graduation ceremonies
  • Prefect hats and ties
  • Sporting uniforms
  • Ties and scarves worn by staff
  • Pins and badges

Footscray Technical School prefect cap, c. 1940s



The archives has a range of photographs from all institutions. These include:

  • The official Marketing Department photo library of institution events
  • Photos of open days and industry displays
  • Photos of the construction and openings of campuses and buildings
  • Sporting club photos
  • Class photos and some student identification photos
  • Photos of graduation ceremonies
  • Photos of notable institution staff including heads of institutions (Vice Chancellors, Principals, etc)
  • Visits by international delegations
  • Student Union activities, including camps, retreats and activities on campus


Photo of a ball held by Footscray Technical School, 1925

Institution seals

When no longer in use, official institution seals are transferred to the archives. We hold a range of seals from different institutions, including Footscray Technical School, Western Institute, and seals from Victoria University which are no longer in use.

Seals are used on official documents, including some contracts and agreements, and graduation certificates.

Trophies and medals

The archives holds a range of trophies and medals. Most are sporting-related and are from various inter-campus and inter-institution competitions that VU and its predecessor institutions were involved in. However, the archives also holds non-sporting medals and trophies, for example, the Moomba Trophy won by Footscray Institute of Technology in 1969 for "Best Float entered by a College or University". We also have medals awarded to students for being the top apprentice of their trade and year.


Moomba trophy, won by FIT in 1969

Other memorabilia

Other items and artefacts in the archives include:

  • Printing blocks for photos and sketches in the Footscray Technical School's Blue and Gold student magazine
  • Bust of the first principal of Footscray Technical School, C.A. Hoadley, made in memoriam after he died in 1947
  • Architect's model of the Footscray Park campus
  • Glasses commemorating institution and Student Union events and functions


Bust of C.A Hoadley, first principal of Footscray Technical School