Victoria University Archives: Newport Technical College (a division of F.I.T)

In summary

Established: 1979, as a division of Footscray Institute of Technology

Ended: 1982, when it split from FIT and was renamed as Newport College of TAFE

Located: 80 Champion Road, Newport


Newport Technical College was established as a division of Footscray Institute of Technology on 1 March 1979. Discussions around a second Technical College attached to FIT had been raised in 1978, and it provided an opportunity for some of the apprentice courses to be rationalised. Newport took over the metal trades, with the electrical trades remaining at Footscray Technical College. Newport was officially opened in October 1980, by the then Governor of Victoria, Sir Henry Winneke.

The new Technical College soon found itself involved in debates with Footscray Technical College and the FIT Council regarding the place of technical education (also now known as TAFE) within the broader organisation of FIT. Essentially acting as independent bodies, the Technical Colleges felt that they did not have enough representation on the FIT Council, and that issues relating to technical education were not seen as important by FIT.

A push to separate Footscray Technical College had begun in 1977, and this pressure only intensified from both Footscray and Newport Colleges in 1979-81. In 1982, discussions were held to formally separate the Footscray and Newport Colleges from FIT. Formal separation and change from the Newport Technical College into the Newport College of TAFE occurred in November 1982.

Holdings in the archives

The Archives holds the following records relating to Newport Technical College, A Division of Footscray Institute of Technology:

  • Joint Footscray-Newport TAFE Colleges Committee (governing committee for Footscray and Newport Colleges, reported to F.I.T Council), 1979-82
  • Principal's Reports to F.I.T. Council, 1979-82
  • Material associated with the opening of Newport Technical College, including video and programme, 1980
  • Correspondence between Footscray and Newport Technical Colleges regarding courses, apprenticeships, and so on, c. 1979-82
  • (Student-related information, including issuing of certificates and final results, is contained within the F.I.T records)