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Use the tabs along the top of this guide to find information on how to properly link to full-text journal articles, e-books, or online videos accessible through subscribed databases or the VU library catalogue. These permalinks can then be inserted into the Readings Module in VU Collaborate, and used to embed streaming video content into VUC unit spaces. 

What is a Permanent link?

Permanent Links, or 'Permalinks', are a more stable, persistent shortcut to a record. Permanent links ensure access to resources both on and off campus.

If you want to link from the Readings Module in VU Collaborate to a journal article, e-book or chapter, or embed streaming video content in VU Collaborate, it is recommended that you use a permanent link to that library resource platform or the library catalogue.

Need some help?

College Librarians can provide further advice and training regarding linking to VU library material.

College of Arts & Education
VicPoly - Creative Arts, Early Childhood & Education Support, Transition Education
Pam Abalo
College of Business
VU College
VicPoly - Business, Legal & IT, Logistics & Supply Chain
Lou Connell
College of Engineering and Science
College of Sport and Exercise Science

VicPoly - Hair, Make-up & Beauty, Sport & Massage, Trades
Linda Forbes
College of Health & Biomedicine
VicPoly - Community Services, Health & Nursing
Suzanne Poliness
College of Law & Justice
Murray Greenway

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