Victoria University Archives: School of Painting, Decorating & Sign Crafts

In summary

Established: 1965

Ended: 1974, when it became the Melbourne College of Decoration

Located: 550 Little Londsale Street Melbourne


Located in West Melbourne, the School of Painting Decorating and Sign Crafts was established in January 1965 and operated until 1976. It was a technical school under the control and management of the Education Department. It offered training through a wide range of courses and subjects: painting and decorating, signwriting, applied art, display and window dressing, interior decoration, industrial painting, paint technology and manufacture, photography, and scaffolding erection and construction. In 1976, the School was then renamed the Melbourne College of Decoration (1976-1993). 

Holdings in the archives

The Archives holds the following records relating to the School of Painting, Decorating and Sign Crafts:

  • Council minutes, 1965-75
  • Photographs, 1965-77
  • Prospectus 1975-77
  • Student history cards 1960-76 (with some gaps)