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LF – wrong. A civil right of action arising independently of contract, restitution, crime or equity. Torts serve to protect a person’s interest in his or her bodily security, tangible property, financial resources, or reputation. Unlawful interference with one of these interests is redressable by an action for damages and potential interference may be prevented by injunction. The law of torts aims to restore the injured person to the position he or she was in before the tort was committed.
(Encyclopaedic Australian Legal Dictionary, 2016)

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Torts Law Resources on CCH Intelliconnect

CCH is a legal publisher that produces a collection of tort law resources including:

Roadmaps on CCH

Roadmaps provide a summary of a specific area of law or task.  There are more than 50 roadmaps for torts law.  Their checklist style may be especially useful for students.

Torts Law Web Sites

Journals in Print and Online

AGIS (Attorney Generals Information Service) - is the leading legal journals database in Australia.  Use AGIS to search hundreds of journals for articles about Tort Law. 

If you wish to browse, then the journals below may be useful places to start.

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Video transcript for Introducing CCH Road Maps

Introducing CCH Roadmaps

Introducing road maps your research accelerator free to CCH online customers. If you're delving into unfamiliar subject matter or you just need a quick summary of all the up-to-date material contained within CCH commentary then look no further than CCH road maps.

You can find what you need fast with road maps.

Road maps are a quick overview of CCH commentary, key cases, legislation, Q&A and more without having to wade through the entire text plus you have links to take you directly to the relevant content from your subscription for a more detailed view.

Once you've logged into your CCH online subscription enter your search term into the intelliConnect search bar and hit go.
Here we use the term mental harm.

From the filter sidebar on the screens left, click on by document type, then select road maps, then click on the relevant roadmap. 

Let's expand the document preview panel for a closer look.  First you will see brief excerpts from key commentary that illuminates the subject of the roadmap. At the right of each excerpt there are links that will take you to the full version at that commentary. You can click through, read, review and then return to the roadmap.

Then if we scroll down to the base of the roadmap you'll see key legislation in cases with links that take you directly to them. Again click-through read, review and then return to the roadmap.

Let's take a closer look at key cases. You can use the Austlii facility built into your subscription to discover linked to cases available in the Austlii citator. Just activate the Austlii links using the tool bar to the left of your preview panel. Links to key cases are now highlighted in green. Click on a linked case and you'll be taken directly to the case. When you've reviewed the case in Austelii you can close the panel to return to your CCH roadmap. 

Road maps, your research accelerator free to CCH online customers. There were even more handy research tips available online now just click the read link to visit our online resource center.

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