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How to create Permanent links for Texts?

How to create Permanent links for Videos?

How to create Permanent links for Audios?

Access the LWW Health Library via A-Z Database List or by following a link from the library search results page.

Open the Notepad App on your computer and paste in the following URL.

This link is a Prefix to the normal browser URL for Titles under Texts and Video & Audio. Please note, a Deep Link will only work at the Title Level. If the copied browser URL has a sectionID component, the link will not work off-campus.

Copy the Browser URL and paste it after the “=” sign in the Prefix to create a Deep Link.

The new “Deep Link” can be pasted into the Unit Spaces and Readings without the need to use the OpenAthens Link Generator.

The following are examples for Text, Video and Audio Titles.