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How to create a Permanent Link in ICLR Online?

ICLR Resources

ICLR Online is the source for UK Law Reports & Case Law Search. The Law Reports are the official series of Reports cited in the High Court, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court dating back to 1865.

  • Locate the case
  • Click on the grey arrow (next to the PDF and Print icons) toward the top-right of the page

  • Click on 'Copy Link'

  • You will get a confirmation that the link has been copied.
    • NOTE: This link will need to be amended before pasting into the OpenAthens Link Generator. This can easily be done in Notepad or Word.
  • Link from ICLR:

  • Remove the beginning of the URL, everything from 'https' to '.net' (make sure to leave the slash at /document ):

  • Replace with:

  • The amended link can now be pasted into the OpenAthens Link Generator

Screenshot of OpenAthens interface showing an ICLR URL being redirected.

  • Paste the OpenAthens link into your Readings module as needed.