Permanent links from Library Resources: Alexander Street


Permanent links in Alexander Street

Navigate to your chosen resource in one of the Alexander Street databases:

  • Click on the video title
  • When the page has opened, click on the ‘Embed/Link’ tab

  • From the pop-up, copy the link.

Screenshot from the Alexander Street interface showing the Link/Embed pop-up, with the permanent link highlighted.

  • NOTE: This link will need to be amended before pasting into the OpenAthens Link Generator. This can easily be done in Notepad or Word.
  • Link from Alexander Street:

  • Remove the beginning of the URL, everything from 'https' to '.net' (make sure to leave the slash at /view ):

  • Replace with:

  • Copy the amended URL to use in the OpenAthens link generator.
  • Open the VU OpenAthens link generator (, ensure that Victoria University is selected (1), paste in the URL (2) and click 'Copy' (3). (Note that the URL disappears and the OpenAthens link is automatically generated).

Screenshot of OpenAthens interface showing an Alexander Street Link being redirected.

  • Paste the OpenAthens link as a 'New Link' in the VU Collaborate Space as needed.