Permanent links from Library Resources: Library Search


ONLY link to resources in the Library Search as a last resort.

To avoid students running into 'dead ends' it is advisable to only link to journal articles in the Library Search where there is a PDF available under the 'Access now' drop-down menu.

Screenshot of Library Search Example showing a PDF available under 'Access Now'

If 'Full Text Finder' is the only option displayed under 'Access now', it is better to use a permanent link found in the relevant database, rather than the Library Search.

Screenshot of journal article result in Library Search where the only option under Access Now is Find Full Text

Link to Library Search Results

Best practice is always to link directly to a resource in its specific database (including EBSCOhost databases), do NOT link to Library Search (EDS) records unless there is no other option.

The image shows searching for an item on the main library page.

  • Identify the required resource and click on the three dots at the right hand corner and click on Share option from the drop down menu.

The image shows how to find the Share option. Arrow points at 3 dots on the right hand corner and Share option is chosen from the drop down.

  • In the 'Share' dialogue box, ensure 'Share' is highlighted [1], then select create link [2], and then 'Copy to clipboard' [3]. This link is now ready to be pasted as needed.

The image shows how to find the link and to copy it to clipboard.