Permanent links from Library Resources: IEEE Xplore


Permanent links in IEEE Xplore

  • Access the article through IEEE Xplore database.
  • Once you have identified the relevant article in the results list, click on the title to open the detailed view.

Screenshot of IEEE showing title in results list.

  • When the detailed view has opened, copy the URL from the address bar to use in the OpenAthens link generator.

Screenshot of IEEE showing the URL for an individual article.

  • Open the VU OpenAthens link generator (, ensure that Victoria University is selected (1), paste in the URL (2) and click 'Copy' (3). (Note that the URL disappears and the OpenAthens link is automatically generated).

Screenshot of OpenAthens interface showing IEEE URL being redirected.

  • Paste the OpenAthens link into your Readings module as needed.