VU Special Collections - How to access and use: The Special Collection (2020)

Collection in Focus: The Special Collection

There has been a library on the Footscray Park campus site since a Mechanics Institute was established there in 1916. Certain rare and valuable items have been acquired or donated to the library during this time. These items form the basis of this collection. Of particular significance in the development of the Special Collection was the purchase in 1988 of the personal collection of author and historian, Mr John White.

Themes explored this month are Australian Literature, Western Suburbs History, Transport, History - books to preserve, and All things Australian - art, sport, story and song.

The Special Collection is also known as the 'Rare and Valuable Books' collection at VU Library.

Note: Please be advised that some titles displayed in this exhibition contain content that is culturally sensitive. Some material contains terms that reflect authors’ views, or those of the period in which the item was written or recorded, but may not be considered appropriate today. These views are not necessarily the views of VU Library. While the information may not reflect current understanding, it is provided in an historical context.

Australian Literature

The Barry Humphries book of innocent Austral verse

Author: Barry Humphries
Publisher: Sun Books
Year: 1968

isbn: 0702222216

Barbecue of the primitives

Author: Philip Salom
Publisher: University of Queensland Press
Year: 1989

isbn: 0858530341

When I see you: poems

Author: Norma Bloom
Publisher: Cat & Fiddle Press
Year 1978

isbn: 0702212458   0702212466 (Paperback)

Voyage into solitude

Author: Michael Dransfield
Publisher: Queensland University Press
Year: 1978

isbn: 070220742x

The inspector of tides

Author: Michael Dransfield
Publisher: University of Queensland Press
Year: 1972

isbn: 0207149615

The Australian collection: Australia's greatest books

Editor: Geoffrey Dutton
Publisher: Angus & Robertson
Year: 1985

issbn: 0869142909 (pbk.)

Suddenly evening: the selected poems of R. F. Brissenden

Editor: David Brooks
Publisher: McPhee Gribble
Year: 1993

isbn: 0207144591

Scenes of revolutionary life

Authhor: Judah Waten
Publisher: Angus & Robertson
Year: 1982

isbn: 0855690038

Missing people

Author: Michael Duncan
Publisher: Sweeney Reed 
Year: 1970

Crooked Mick of the Speewah and other tall tales

Author: Bill Wannan
Publisher: Lansdowne
Year: 1965

isbn: 9780980526929 (pbk.)

Collected poems: Vincent Buckley

Editor: Wallace-Crabbe
Publisher: John Leonard Press
Year: 2009

isbn: 0207171025 (pbk.)

Beauty is the straw: poems

Author: Amy Witting
Publisher:  Angus & Robertson
Year: 1991

isbn: 0192821318 (pbk.)

I'm deadly serious

Author: Chris Wallace-Crabbe
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Year: 1988

isbn: 0908094892   0908094906 (pbk.)

Stones in summer

Author: A.B. Palma
Publisher: Hale & Iremonger
Year: 1981

isbn: 0207135363    0207135371 (pbk.)

Words with a black orpington

Author: David Campbell
Publisher: Angus & Robertson
Year: 1978

Western Suburbs History


A portrait of Williamstown

Author: Wilson P. Evans, illustrated by Pauline Grayling
Publisher: Quest
Date: 1990


Harvester city: the making of multicultural Sunshine 1939 - 1975

Author: Olwen Ford
Publisher: Sunshine & District Historical Society Incorporated
Date: 2012


A guide to historic Williamstown

Author: Williamstown Historical Society
Publisher: Williamstown Historical Society
Date: 1982


Werribee, the first one hundred years

Editor: K.N. James
Publisher: Werribee District Historical Society
Date: 1985


Harvester town: the making of Sunshine 1890-1925

Author: Olwen Ford
Publisher: Sunshine and District Historical Society
Date: 2001


When the whistle blew: a social history of the town of Sunshine 1920-1950

Author: Prue McGoldrick
Publisher: Gippsland Printers
Date: 1989


Keilor pioneers: dead men do tell tales

Author: Angela Evans and the Keilor Pioneer Research Collective
Publisher: St. Albans History Society
Date: 1994


Pubs, punts & pastures: the story of Irish pioneer women on the Salt Water River

Authors: Researched and written by Joan Carstairs & Maureen Lane
Publisher: St. Albans History Society
Date: 1988


Footscray & Yarraville: a pictorial record

Authors: Design, editing and photograph restoration by Roger Mitchell & Debra Frey
Publisher: Footscray Historical Society
Date: 2005


Altona, a long view

Author: Susan Priestley
Publisher: Hargreen Publishing in conjunction with the City of Altona
Date: 1988


Quarry and stone: bluestone quarrying, stonemasonry and building in Melbourne's West

Author: Gary Vines
Publisher: Melbourne's Living Museum of the West
Date: 1993


A history of Footscray

Author: John Lack
Publisher: Hargreen Publishing
Date: 1991


Too tough to die: Footscray's fightback 1989

Author: Kerrie Gordon and Alan Dalton
Publisher: Footscray Football Club
Date: 1990


A cottage garden walk through Keilor

Author: Susan Jennison
Publisher: Keilor Historical Society Inc.
Date: 2001


St. Albans : the first hundred years

Author: St. Albans Railway Centenary Committee
Publisher: St. Albans Railway Centenary Committee
Date: 1986


Glimpses of early Sunshine: dawn of a district from Aboriginal times to 1901

Author: Edith Popp
Publisher: Sunshine & District Historical Society
Date: 1979


The history of Williamstown from its first settlement to a city, 1834-1934

Author: Compiled by William H. Elsum; revised index and preface prepared by the Williamstown Historical Society
Publisher: Williamstown City Council
Date: 1985


Meat and by-products : the meat industry and animal by-product works of Melbourne's West

Author: Gary Vines
Publisher: Melbourne's Living Museum of the West
Date: 1993



Ferries on the Yarra

Author: Colin Jones
Publisher: Greenhouse
Date: 1981


Tramways of the world

Author: James Joyce
Publisher: Ian Allan
Date: 1965 


The British tram: history's orphan

Author: A. Winstan Bond
Publisher: Tramway & Light Railway Society with the co-operation of The Tramway Museum Society
Date: 1980


How runs the road

Author: Bernard Cronin
Publisher: Acacia Press
Date: 1948


Last tram at eleven: tramways of Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong

Author: William F. Scott
Publisher: Full Parallel Productions
Date: 2008


Cobb & Co.

Author: Joan Edith Lorraine Rutherford
Publisher: J.E.L. Rutherford
Date: 1971


The railways and tramways of Hong Kong

Author: Wilfrid F. Simms
Publisher: W.F. Simms
Date: 1998


The tramways of Australia

Author: Samuel Brimson
Publisher: Dreamweaver Books
Date: 1983


Wheels in Victoria, 1824-1984: a record of wheeled transport through a century and a half of technological change

Editors: Harold H. Paynting and Malcolm Grant
Publisher: Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce
Date: 1988 


A tale of two cities and a train: a history of the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad, 1874-1942

Author: Juanita Kennedy Browne
Publisher: Nevada County Historical Society
Date: 1987


Mind the curve!: a history of the cable trams

Author: John D. Keating
Publisher: Transit Australia Publishing
Date: 1996


The first electric road: a history of the Box Hill and Doncaster tramway

Author: Robert Green
Publisher: John Mason Press
Date: 1989


Western Port ferries past and present and Captain Clarke, their most notable skipper

Author: Arthur E. Woodley
Publisher: Hill of Content
Date: 1973


A history of tramways: from horse to rapid transit

Author: R. J. Buckley
Publisher: David & Charles
Date: 1975


English Electric tramcar album

Author: Geoff Lumb
Publisher: Ian Allan
Date: 1998


British trams in camera

Author: Julian Thompson
Publisher: Ian Allan
Date: 1978


Tramway byways, North Sydney

Author: Walter Douglas Denham
Publisher: South Pacific Electric Railway Co-operative Society
Date: 1973


The V.R. and VicRail, 1962-1983

Author: Vincent Adams Winter
Publisher: V.A. Winter
Date: 1990


Rail enthusiasts guide to south east Queensland

Author: Brian Webber
Publisher: Australian Railway Historical Society, Queensland Division
Date: 1994


The tramways of Portugal: a visitor's guide

Authors: B.R. King and J.H. Price
Publisher: Light Rail Transit Association
Date: 1983


Down the bay: the story of the excursion steamers of Port Phillip

Author: T. K. Fitchett
Publisher: Rigby
Date: 1973

History - books to preserve

Australian fairy tales

Author: Atha Westbury, illustrated by A.J. Johnson 
Publisher: Ward, Lock
Year: 1897

Flying doctor

Author: Clyde Fenton
Publisher: Georgian House
Year: 1949

Men and manners in Australia: being a social and economic sketch history

Author: J. Alex. Allan
Publisher: Cheshire
Year: 1945

The voyage of the Endeavour

Author: G. Arnold Wood
Publisher: Macmillan
Year: 1944

With the 1930 Australians: behind the scenes in the fight for the ashes

Author: Geoffrey Tebbutt
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton
Year: 1930

isbn: 0207944857

Around the boree log and other verses

Author: John O'Brien
Publisher: Angus and Robertson
Year: 1921

isbm: 0706353870   0706353897 (pbk)

Seven little Australians

Author: Ethel Turner
Publisher: Ward Lock
Year: 1894

The story of Burke and Wills: with sketches and essays

Author: Michael Joseph Watson
Publisher: W.P. Lineham
Year: 1911

The pastoral age in Australasia

Author: James Collier
Publisher: Whitcombe & Tombs
Year: 1911

The history of the Australasian colonies

Authro: Edward Jenks
Publisher: University Press
Year: 1895

My religion

Author: Count Leo Tolstoi, Translated from the French
Publisher: Walter Scott
Year: 1889

The new week's preparation for a worthy receiving of the Lord's Supper

Author: Church of England
By assignment from the executors of E. Wicksteed, printed for W. Bent
Year: [1808]

Irvine's justices of the peace

Author: Sir William Hill Irvin & David Sydney Wanliss
Publisher: Charles F. Maxwell
Year: 1899

The industries of New South Wales

Author: Charles Lyne
Publisher: Thomas Richards, Government Printer
Year: 1882

Handbook on viticulture for Victoria

Author: Francois de Castella
Publisher: Govt. Printer
Year: 1891

Geographic history of Queensland

Author: Archibald Meston
Publisher: Edmund Gregory, Govt. Printer
Year: 1895

Victoria and its metropolis: past and present

Author: Alexander Sutherland
Publisher: McCarron, Bird
Year: 1888

All things Australian: art, sport, story and song


The mangle wheel: my life

Author: George Finey
Publisher: Kangaroo Press
Date: 1981


Don Dunstan's cookbook

Author: Don Dunstan; drawings by Robert Ingpen
Publisher: Rigby 
Date: 1976


Sport in Victoria: a history

Author: Dave Nadel, Graeme Ryan (eds)
Publisher: Ryan Publishing
Date: 2015


Sunlit plains extended : the making of a bushman: Richard Ogle Moore

Author: Richard Ogle Moore
Publisher: Shoestring Press
Date:  1975


Subhuman redneck poems

Author: Les Murray
Publisher: Duffy and Snellgrove
Date: 1996


Last leaves from Dunk Island

Author: E.J Banfield
Publisher: Lloyd O'Neil for Currey O'Neil
Date: 1982


On the origins of Waltzing Matilda: expression, lyric, melody

Author: Harry Hastings Pearce
Publisher: Hawthorn Press
Date: 1971


Status and sugar : a history of the Australian Society of Authors 1963-2013

Author: Stephany Steggall
Publisher: Keesing Press
Date: 2013


Outlines of Australian art : the Joseph Brown collection

Author: Daniel Thomas
Publisher: Macmillan
Date: 1973


Selective affinities : new poems

Author: Geoffrey Dutton
Publisher:  Angus and Robertson
Date: 1985


The convict maid : early broadsides relating to Australia

Author: Ron Edwards
Publisher: Rams Skull Press
DAte: 1985


The cut-rate kingdom

Author: Thomas Keneally
Publisher: Wildcat Press
Date: 1980


Shocking, shocking, shocking : the improper play rhymes of Australian children

Author: Wendy Lowenstein
Publisher: Fish and Chips Press
Date: 1974


A national game : the history of Australian rules football

Author: Rob Hess
Publisher: Penguin
Date: 2008


This river is in the south

Author: Philip Mead
Publisher: University of Queensland Press
Date: 1984



An artist on the goldfields / the diary of Eugene von Guérard

Author:  Eugene von Guérard
Publisher: Currey O'Neil
Date: 1982


Folklore of the Australian pub

Author:  Bill Wannan
Publisher: Macmillan
Date: 1972