VU Special Collections - How to access and use: 2022 Past Exhibitions

Strategic Connections (2022)

The 'Strategic Connections with The Special Collections' exhibition has used the strategic drivers in the 'Strategic Plan 2022-2028: Start Well Finish Brilliantly' to select material for this exhibition.

These strategic drivers are:

  • Protecting Country
  • Partnering with principle
  • Maximising research with impact
  • Doing dual differently
  • A thriving place to study and work

This exhibition is located on Level 2 of Footscray Park campus library.

Protecting Country

[cabinet near staircase and lift, Level 2, Footscray Park campus library]


Strategic Driver: Protecting Country

"It is our responsibility to respect and listen to Indigenous voices and standpoints, upholding and privileging self-determination, sovereignty and authority.

Victoria University honours its deep diversity as a foundation for collaboration and social progress.

And, at every opportunity, we will address the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals."

(Strategic Plan 2022-2028, Page 17)



Partnering with Principle

[cabinet near IT Kiosk on Level 2, Footscray Park campus library]


Strategic Driver: Partnering with Principle

"We honour our roots in Greater Western Melbourne and will work collaboratively to benefit the region and the communities which we serve.

Our scope extends beyond Greater Western Melbourne and Australia – our alliances, our reach and our impact will be global."

(Strategic Plan 2022-2028, Page 13)



Maximising Impact

[cabinet in the Learning Hub on Level 2, Footscray Park campus library]


Strategic Driver: Maximising research impact

"What does this mean? It means that we will further accentuate our existing areas of strength – our top 10 world ranking in sport research; our excellence in green and water engineering; our nationally-recognised status in Indigenous oral history – to meet and exceed the challenges we face.

At the same time, we will celebrate our very deep levels of expertise in economic modelling and policy research – in leading entities such as the Mitchell Institute and the Centre of Policy Studies – our developing strengths in nursing and allied health research and our growing eminence in immunology and virology."

(Strategic Plan 2022-2028, Page 16)

Doing Dual Differently & A Thriving Place to Study and Work

[cabinet near the check-out units on Level 2, Footscray Park campus library]


Strategic Driver: Doing Dual Differently

"We are uniquely positioned to offer flexible, concurrent and complementary studies – bringing together offerings from the Polytechnic and Higher Education in the same space and time.

This enables ‘earn while you learn’, and we will continue to build on this strength as the number one university in Australia for employability skills."

(Strategic Plan 2022-2028, Page 11)

Strategic Driver: A Thriving Place to Work & Study

"We will be a place where people love to belong, and where people feel immense pride. We will support and empower students from all backgrounds to thrive, as the university of inclusion, opportunity and success."

(Strategic Plan 2022-2028, Page 19)