VU Special Collections - How to access and use: Searching the Collections

Searching for Special Collections material

Using the Library catalogue search the user is able to refine a search for physical items to the Special Collections room. This method is suited to books and pamphlets.

1. From the VU Library homepage, navigate to the Library Catalogue by scrolling down to 'Opening hours & Library tools'. The Catalogue is linked in the menu on the right.


2. Conduct a keyword search through the library catalogue, for example Labor Party.

In this example 20033 items are found.

3. Select the 'Modify Search' button.

4. Select the location as 'Special Colls' from the drop-down menu and submit.

The results page now indicates the 'Special Colls' code which indicates items are located in one of Special Collections (eg. Crow, McLaren) located in the Special Collections room (Footscray Park, P402).

Note that if you enter an additional keyword, you will need to 'Modify Search' again choosing 'Special Colls' as the location.

5. Once you have identified items of interest contact Special Collections to arrange access.

When looking at VU material through Library Search or the Library Catalogue, the location prefix indicates that the item is located in one of the Special Collections.

Through Library Search the location is shown with FTS and the collection name, in this case FTS RADICAL COLL.

image of a library search indicating location of item

Through a Catalogue search the location is shown with FTS and the collection name, in this case FTS TIMOR-LESTE.

image of catalogue search indicating location of item