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Linking LinkedIn videos

  • Log In to your staff MyVU Portal.
  • Under 'Application Access', locate 'LinkedIn Learning Videos'.

  • Alternatively, LinkedIn Learning can be accessed via the Library A-Z Databases.
  • Search or Browse to locate your chosen content.

Screenshot of LinkedIn Learning highlighting the browse and search options at the top of the screen

  • Note: When Searching, the results list will contain both Courses and individual Videos.

Screenshot of LinkedIn Learning showing the difference between Courses and Videos listed in the search results

  • Click on the Course you want from the results list:
    • IMPORTANT: When selecting a Video from the results list, it will open in a pop-out window. You will need to click on 'Watch Full Course' in order to find the correct permanent link.

Screenshot of LinkedIn Learning interface demonstrating selecting a Course to view

  • Select 'Contents' to see a list of the individual videos in the Course. NOTE: You may need to expand chapters by clicking the arrow to the right of the chapter heading, to see videos in that chapter.

Screenshot of LinkedIn Learning interface showing the expanded Contents (left of video) and selecting an individual video to view

  • Select the specific video that you want to link to in VU Collaborate:
    • Copy the URL link in the address bar for your video.
    • IMPORTANT: This URL link will need to be amended in order to work both on and off campus for all students.

Screenshot of Linkedin Learning interface showing the URL for a video to be copy and pasted.

  • Paste the URL as a New Link in the appropriate place in VU Collaborate, then amend the link by adding &auth=true at the end of the URL link you pasted (no spaces). For e.g.:

Embedding LinkedIn Videos

LinkedIn Learning videos and courses can be integrated into VU Collaborate Space.

Check this Help Guide for instructions.

LinkedIn Learning: Adding Resources in VU Collaborate