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How to create Permanent Links in CCH iKnowConnect?

CCH iKnowConnect Resources

CCH iKnowConnect contains Australian content with key information for Accounting, Tax, Employment, Human Resources, Court practice, Family law, Corporations Law, Contract Law, Intellectual property, Torts, Trade practices and Conveyancing.

1. Access the CCH iKnowConnect  via A-Z Database List or by following a link from the library search results page.

2. Open the Notepad App on your computer and paste in the following URL. This link is a Prefix.

3. From the browser URL - Copy part of the URL starting from AUS till the end to the right.


Browser URL:

Part of URL to be copied from browser URL is shown in 'red' text.

CCH iKnowConnect browser URL


4. Paste this part of the browser URL after the “/” sign in the Prefix to create a Deep Link (permanent link).


5. The new “Deep Link or Permanent Link” can be pasted into the Unit Spaces and Readings without the need to use the OpenAthens Link Generator.